Benefits of Mini Dental Implants
Date: June 17, 2011 Richard Jones

A lot of people are turning to mini dental implants as implant options nowadays; this is because of the numerous benefits that these implants have, especially when compared to traditional dental implants that are larger in size. Knowing the benefits that mini dental implants offer may help you in determining if this option is the right one for your specific needs.

The small sizes of mini dental implants (compared to traditional implants) make them ideal for those who have issues with inadequate jaw bone mass; these implants can be placed without the need for bone grafts, which may be necessary to improve the jaw bone structure when dealing with traditional dental implants. The placement of a mini dental implant is less invasive, which results to less discomfort and a shorter healing time for the patient.

The benefits of mini dental implants make them great options in addressing the problem of missing teeth. Ask your dentist now for your mini dental implant options, so you can enjoy the benefits of these miniature implants as you flash brighter smiles – without having to worry about missing teeth.

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