Avoid Problems after Using Dental Braces with Retainers
Date: July 28, 2011 Richard Jones

Those who have finished with the period of using dental braces may think that there is absolutely no need to wear retainers afterwards; there are even those who think that retainers are not only unnecessary, but are bothersome as well. On the contrary, the use of retainers is very important, and may spell the difference between long-lasting straightened teeth and going back to teeth that need proper alignment again.

Retainers are usually worn after dental procedures that deal with the proper alignment of teeth; these custom-made dental appliances are commonly used after the removal of orthodontic braces. Using retainers ensures that teeth do not shift after the braces have been removed, to avoid the need to wear dental braces again.

The importance of retainers should not be ignored, as these dental appliances ensure that teeth get the most benefits out of orthodontic treatments. Retainers should be seen as tools that can greatly help you get the straightest and most dazzling smiles you can possibly have.
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